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Aubrey Loots Celebrity stylist and owner of Studio DNA Salons (Image credit: Aubrey Loots)

Aubrey Loots Celebrity stylist and owner of Studio DNA Salons (Image credit: Aubrey Loots)

One look at Studio DNA Salon’s mission statement and it’s obvious celebrity stylist Aubrey Loots is aiming to make every client, famous or not, feel worthy of a star on the Hollywood Walk. of Fame. I had the chance to catch up with Aubrey last September to talk about his personal hairstyling philosophy, his position as head stylist at ABC’s The Taste and some great tips for getting red carpet worthy hair. Read on for the interview and to find out which celebrity he would like to give a makeover …

The daily oddity: What made you decide to become a stylist?

Aubrey’s drops: I think creativity. I’m from South Africa and I was a year away from finishing high school and hated it. I wanted to do something creative. I went to trades school, saw some hairdressing and thought to myself, “That sounds like fun”. There was a three-year apprenticeship program and I actually finished in two years – depending on performance you could finish earlier, which I did. I was working in a salon and going to school at the same time and fell in love with it. I sort of found this thing at an early age.

TDQ: And what made you want to come to the United States?

AL: fame and fortune [laughing]. I always tell people that I dreamed of going to the United States. From a young age I felt like I was born in the wrong country and throughout school I dreamed of living in the United States, especially Los Angeles. We didn’t have television in South Africa until 1976, and from then on I was so in love with film, television, fashion and all that stuff. I think it led me subliminally to the hairstyle and then here.

TDQ: How would you describe the aesthetics of your living rooms?

AL: The aesthetic of the living room is upscale, airy and spacious. These are great creative spaces. We call them Studio DNA Salons. My husband and I designed them together. He runs the business and I am the creator. It is a great place to come and relax. I like to say, “We’re top of the line without all the BS. We have none of this going on. We kind of became known for it. It’s a really comfortable place and we’ve created this culture where everything revolves around the customer experience.

Studio DNA Salon (Image credit: Aubrey Loots)

Studio DNA Salon (Image credit: Aubrey Loots)

TDQ: And what about your personal philosophy as a stylist?

AL: Help people find the style that suits them. It’s like the mission statement on our site, which my husband and I created before we even opened our doors, Studio DNA is a full-service salon and retail where every service and product is aimed at. uplift yourself and inspire you towards your own personal greatness. And that’s what we do. It’s not just the hairstyle. It is also having a relationship with the customer. I’ve been doing this for twenty-six years and I love what I do. Having that connection with someone sitting in your chair that feels so special right now, creating a style, creating a look, creating a color for them, I think that’s who we are as company and me personally as a stylist.

TDQ: How did you first get interested in styling for events and celebrities?

AL: It was really word of mouth. Being in Los Angeles, I have a lot of clients who are producers or directors or people in the shadows. They ask you, “Hey, can you help with this thing? And one thing leads to another. Same thing with the track. I do a lot of fashion shows in Los Angeles and New York and I work a bit in Paris. Your job should speak for itself and you get more work.

I would say the first big celebrity I had was Julia Louis-Dreyfus and she’s related to Lauren Bowles. who is one of my clients. I do a lot of her red carpet and I see you have interviewed her too. The style for Lauren and Julia has certainly opened doors. I did a photoshoot with Jane Leeves from Hot in Cleveland few years ago. I think it was the first big celebrity photoshoot I did and it was kind of like, ‘Oh, okay. I can see the direction of my career. And a lot has happened since then. I would definitely say Lauren and her husband Patrick [Fischler], who is also an actor, I have known them both for many, many years, they certainly contributed to the opening of the doors. And I’ve been styling Vonda Shepard for many, many years. I haven’t been asked this question for a long time and now that I think about it, my very first real celebrity at the time would be Vonda Shepard.

TDQ: You’ve done everything from red carpet styling and fashion show, to photoshoots and TV. Do you prefer one over the others?

AL: Where I really thrive and feel alive is when I do editorial shoots, red carpet events, and runway shows. I’ve been in the salon for 25 years and have great clients in Los Angeles, and I love my clients. But creatively, I undoubtedly thrive when working for the red carpet, runways, and editorial staff. In fact, I just got back from New York. I just did my first big, big editorial for THEThe magazine. I did the shoot for the coming December issue and also for March 2014. And it was just a phenomenal experience. It was my first real big magazine. So, yeah, red carpet, runway and editorial for me. It is a creative outlet.

TDQ: You have also been busy as head hairdresser for Taste. How did it happen?

AL: Such a fun show! One of my best friends is Melanie Mills. And Melanie Mills is a great celebrity makeup artist. She ran [the makeup department for] Dancing with the stars for many, many years. She got a call last season to do Taste. I never ran a show department and she threw out my name if they were interested. They called me to a meeting and I was hired on the spot. Again, a kind of word of mouth. I did this last season. It was great. ABC is bringing him back for another season. We just started filming yesterday [at the time of the interview], In reality. This is how it happened.

Anthony Bourdain for LE GOT (Image credit: (ABC / CRAIG SJODIN)

Anthony Bourdain for LE GOT (Image credit: (ABC / CRAIG SJODIN)

TDQ: Of the four judges, who were you the most eager to get your hands on your hair?

AL: I would say, oh my god, it’s interesting because last season Nigella Lawson brought her makeup artist in to do her hair. This season I’m doing Nigella’s hair because the show is no longer in union, so the union rule is that a makeup artist is not allowed to touch the hair and the hair is not allowed to touch the hair. touch makeup. I was very excited for Nigella. It’s a doll. But I have to say of all the judges, Anthony Bourdain I am the most excited because I am a huge fan of him. Of all the judges, I would say Anthony Bourdain.

TDQ: It’ll be awards season before we know it and given your styling experience for the season, what’s the best advice you could give to women who want to achieve a sleek and shiny look worthy of the red carpet?

AL: Sleek and shiny for the red carpet, I would say a good blow-dry and a hair straightener will definitely do the trick. There is one of my favorite products to achieve this look. It is called Oil Reflections by Wella. It helps with moisture, gives incredible shine and it’s still in my kit. It is definitely a product for anyone who wants a shiny and stylish look for the red carpet. It is my favorite product.

TDQ: How about those who lack volume who really want to pump it up and look track ready?

AL: I use Wella Extra Volume Mousse. It’s a great product. It’s lightweight, but it really gives you extra bulk. I actually use it all the time.

TDQ: What do you think is the biggest hairstyle mistake women make when taking care of their hair?

AL: The basic mistake people make when getting ready for hair, the first thing that occurs to me, is that everyone in the shower puts conditioner on wet hair. Most conditioners, 99.99% of conditioners contain some kind of oil base, and oil and water do not mix. When you apply this conditioner to very damp, dripping hair, you don’t get much nourishment at all. So, I would really teach my clients to get out of the water, twist the hair with their hands, and then put on your conditioner. That’s one thing and I think the other big mistake people make is, people love curling irons and flat irons. No one uses heat protection products, which are heat protection for your hair. So these are my biggest pet peeves that I try to coach my clients on all the time.

TDQ: And one more just for fun – If you could give a celebrity makeover, who would it be and what would you do?

AL: The celebrity I would like to give a makeover to is Lindsay Lohan. I would cut it to a length of Michelle Williams and make it a beautiful rose gold copper! She is in desperate need of a makeover!

The Daily Quirk would like to thank the fabulous Aubrey Loots for taking the time to chat with us. To learn more about Aubrey, you can visit his Official Website or Studio DNA Salon.

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