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Nessie Bedbugs (Image credit: SUCK UK)

Nessie Bedbugs (Image credit: SUCK UK)

I know at least two people who would like Perpetual child Bedbugs Nessie – me and how I Met Your Motherit’s Marshall Ericsen. If, like Marshall, you want to capture the real Loch Ness monster, these pins might not cut it quite quite, but I think they come a lot like that.

Comprised of four sections, the pin sets have the Loch Ness Monster covered from head to tail, able to hold any papers you might need. Green pins might not be the most accurate depiction of Nessie, but they’re pretty damn cute.

If I had them I would spend an incredibly long time making sure the pins are properly aligned. But you know what? It would certainly be worth it. Find out about Nessie bedbugs for yourself at Perpetual child.

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