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BUFFY AGAINST THE VAMPIRES (Image credit: Warner Bros.)

BUFFY AGAINST THE VAMPIRES (Image credit: Warner Bros.)

It’s hard to believe that our demon saver Buffy Summers just turned 33 (but, according to Sarah Michelle Gellar tweets, she thinks she just turned 30!) When Buffy the vampire slayer created in 1997, our little Buffy was only 16 years old! Where did the time go? Better yet, where are our beloved characters who graced our screens with witty remarks (thanks Xander) or left us with crazy nightmares (I still shudder at the thought of “The Gentlemen” knocking on my door? in the middle of the night to steal my heart)?

I decided to find out for myself what “Scoobies” do outside of their alter egos.

Sarah Michelle Gellar BUFFY VS THE VAMPIRES (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / Sarah Michelle Gellar in THE CRAZY ONES (Image credit: CBS)

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / (Image credit: CBS)

Buffy Summers aka Sarah Michelle Gellar

After the series ended, we spotted Sarah in different places here and there. Her most notable characters were Karen in The Grudge series and of course, the fashionable Daphne in Scooby doo (She was part of another Scooby gang!) The simpsons, Robot Chicken and american father. But, how can we forget to mention the other TV show she starred in in 2011 that ended abruptly. I’m talking about Alarm where she did the double duty of playing the twin sisters. Now, Sarah can be seen playing comedian Robin Williams’ daughter in Crazypeople on CBS. The duo work together at an ad agency and let’s just say hilarity ensues.

Alyson Hannigan in BUFFY AGAINST THE VAMPIRES (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / Alyson Hannigan in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (Image credit: CBS)

Alyson Hannigan (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / (Image credit: CBS)

Willow Rosenberg aka Alyson Hannigan

Ah, the clever and shy Willow and basically Buffy’s rocker from all the years of being a killer. Alyson isn’t the type to shy away from hit TV shows. In addition to playing small roles in Véronique Mars or replace Jim Levenstein’s wife in the American pie series, she is widely known for her role as Lily Aldrin in how I Met Your Mother. Playing Lily for nine years and Willow for seven shows that Alyson will remain dedicated to a role.

Nicholas Brendon in BUFFY AGAINST THE VAMPIRES (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / Nicholas Brendon in CRIMINAL MINDS (Image credit: CBS)

Nicholas Brendon (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / (Image credit: CBS)

Xander Harris aka Nicholas Brendon

How not to fall in love with Alex, the kid with witty remarks and his little eye patch towards the end of season 7? Like his alter ego, Nicholas takes care of different projects. We can find him on the small screen playing both FBI Technical Analyst Kevin Lynch on Criminal minds and in TV movies like Lifetime’s My neighbor’s secret. It’s safe to say that Nicholas won’t be leaving us anytime soon. Keep an eye out. You never know when you’ll be watching TV and you’re like, “Wait a minute, Alex? “

Anthony Head in BUFFY AGAINST THE VAMPIRES (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / Anthony Head in MERLIN (Image credit: BBC)

Anthony Head (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / (Image credit: BBC)

Rupert Giles aka Anthony Head

Buffy’s watcher, or as I like to think of him, the true father figure of her life. As much as we all wanted a spinoff series to happen for him since he’s pretty much gone missing throughout Season 7 of Buffy, This does not happen. Instead, Head stayed on his roads in the UK, appearing in roles such as Uther Pendragon in Merlin and heck, he even made an appearance in The middleman film (UK version, remember)! It’s weird to see our good ol ‘Giles NOT walking around with a book in his hands or at least cleaning his glasses.

David Boreanaz in BUFFY VS THE VAMPIRES (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / David Boreanaz in BONES (Image credit: FOX)

David Boreanaz (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / (Image credit: FOX)

Angel / Angelus aka David Boreanaz

OK. We just can’t forget the ultimate love of Buffy’s life. Angel! To this day, I don’t believe in love as much as Angel and Buffy (okay Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris are up there too…) Fortunately our sweet bloodsucking vampire has received his own spinoff series which lasted for five seasons. But nowadays, we can see him as a sleuth again, without the long black feather dusters and fangs sticking out every now and then. Nope. We’re talking about her role as Special Agent Seeley Booth in BONE. The show has been running for nine years! Damn, as long as I see David Boreanaz on my TV screen, I’m fine!

James Marsters in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / James Marsters in HAWAII FIVE-0 (Image credit: CBS)

James Marsters (Image credit: Warner Bros.) / (Image credit: CBS)

Spike aka James Marsters

Alright, I thought some die hard Buffy fans might be upset that I didn’t mention Spike (for those of you who don’t, it was long before Team Jacob and Team Edward). All Spike wanted was love for Buffy and eventually redeem himself, which he epically did in the series finale. However, this isn’t the last time we’ve seen his character since he was brought in as a series regular in the spinoff series. angel. Since the end of the two shows, James has jumped from different TV series with small arcs on the show, including Smallville and Hawaii 5-0. When will a casting director finally see that James has the potential of a regular on the show? I’m waiting for that day to come.

I know there are honorable mentions like Dawn, Anya, Tara, Riley, Faith, Principal Snyder, Cordelia… But can’t you see? The list would go on and on. Buffy the vampire slayer, or should I say the complete genius that is Joss Whedon, had a way to introduce new characters and take some out of them, but allowed them to be instilled in our memories even after the series ended! Now who thinks they should have a Buffy marathon?

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