Confessions of a Habitually Late Person – The Daily Quirk

Confessions of a Habitually Late Person – The Daily Quirk


I will happily admit I’m typically always a late person to any function. Without a doubt, I’ll find a way to be late. Why? Because, I hate being the first one to anything. Bear with me on this one. Tell me it’s not awkward when you happen to be the very first person to any sort of event, whether it be a birthday party or some random celebration. It’s totally easy if it’s your best friend’s function or if you arrive with a group of people but when you plan on attending by yourself? That’s a whole different story.

I’ve learned over the years that the thing you have to do is rely on other people. Meaning, I rely on other people who are at the event to tell me how it’s going. Sure, I can go there and find out myself but I’m naturally a shy person. I get super uncomfortable when I attend things and I don’t know anyone. Easily texting someone to tell me who is there, what the dress code is like, whether or not there’s food, etc., is part of the reason I’m grateful I have friends. I’m kidding. Sort of.

Naturally, this caused me to be habitually late even when I don’t intend to be late. I’m talking about work, appointments, lunch dates, anything. If you catch a glimpse of my texts, I’m normally saying, “Be there in five minutes. Sorry, stuck in traffic” when in reality, I was probably busy catching up on my DVR and I got ready late. I feel no remorse showing up with the face of ultimate shame (sort of) when everyone is already mingling. At least the whole “Hi, how are you? What have you been doing?” portion is done and over with.

Will this improve anytime soon? Probably not.

It’s even come to the point where I time myself on when I should start getting ready so I could make it out of the door on time and even then I cannot get it right. I end up changing my outfit twenty times, not satisfied with how I look or got distracted by what was on the television. If I’ve ever been late to some sort of shindig I promised I’d attend with you, look. Here are all the reasons why.

One thing I’ll never be late with though (however, it doesn’t really matter now since it’s over) is turning in homework. Nah, I cannot deal with a lowered grade just because I was two minutes past the deadline.

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