Everything we know about Leylah Annie Fernandez’s parents

Whatever we understand about Leylah Annie Fernandez’s moms and dads

Leylah Annie Fernandez’s mom, Irene Exevea, cheered in the stands after Annie upset Elina Svitolina to advance to the semi-finals of the United States Open. Fernandez attained her success a day after her 19th birthday. Leylah hasn’t fluked her method to the semi-finals: She provided stirring returns to beat Naomi Osaka and Angelique Kerber and book her date with Elina Svitolina.

Annie exposed after the match that 2 bits of recommendations from her dad motivated her historical success. ” Today is your very first quarterfinal. Do not make it your last,” Jorge Fernandez informed his child over the phone. ” Defend your dream.”

Jorge Fernandez ended up being Leylah’s tennis coach after she was axed from a provincial advancement program

Leylah Annie Fernandez was born upon sixth September 2002 in Montreal, Canada, to Jorge Fernandez and Irene Exevea. Jorge is Ecuadorian, and Irene is Filipino-Canadain. They have actually raised 3 children: Jodeci, Leylah, and Bianca.

Jorge was an expert footballer in Ecuador who signed his very first expert agreement aged 13. For that reason, he supported Leylah’s enthusiasm for tennis when she showed it at age 5. She ‘d took part and was successful in football and track and field, however tennis took concern.

” It’s the appeal of it,” Leylah talked with CBC about her destination to tennis. ” Whenever I would enjoy tennis on TELEVISION, it was so stunning,” Annie stated. At age 7, Leylah registered in a provincial advancement program that partnered with the nationwide program.

Nevertheless, the program axed Leylah: She was too sluggish, had actually flawed strategy, and stopped working to enhance her serve, they stated. Thankfully, the dissatisfaction didn’t eliminate Annie’s interest for tennis. Jorge informed CBC:

” She was sobbing and I’m taking a look at this little lady, ‘Honey, is this actually essential for you?’ She stated yeah which she wished to play. I stated, ‘If you desire, I’ll coach you.”

Jorge had actually acquired his restricted understanding about tennis viewing Leylah train under advancement coaches. He ‘d recognized the training strategies that benefited Leylah.

He likewise discovered that maybe the most exceptional female gamers of perpetuity, Serena Williams and Steffi Graf, were coached by their daddies. Fernandez understood that it would be tough, however he delighted in attempting to make Leylah psychologically solid. Jorge talked with CBC about his method:

” In the land of the blind the one-eyed-man is king. I had one eye, and I stated, OK, considering that my kids and better half do not understand much better, I’m not going to get slammed much. I chose we’re going to focus a lot on physical fitness, psychological durability, and speed. A great deal of accuracy tennis, and every once in a while, a knockout punch.”

Other coaches questioned Jorge’s strategies, however he supported them

Leylah Annie Fernandez

Jorge embraced a benefit and penalty training strategy that baffled other coaches: Leylah would get a benefit for striking an objective and face penalty for failure. Fernandez seldom dallied on Annie’s successes as he regularly set greater targets for his child.

” You need to be at the red line all the time, and after that you discover a brand-new red line,” Jorge stated. ” You need to exist up until the red zone ends up being a regular zone. You have a psychological perseverance and what you believe you could not do, you now do routinely.”

The frowns from other coaches didn’t prevent Jorge. Leylah came down to tears throughout some sessions, and due to his experience as a young footballer, he understood when she required a helpful arm around the shoulder. Leylah informed CBC that she comprehended her dad’s strategies:

” He simply desires me to enhance, keep fixing, keep contending. He stated that’s going to take place a lot, that he’s going to put me in uneasy positions throughout practice and it depends on me to combat through it and discover services.”

Jorge wished to make certain that Leylah would never ever cringe over the size of her challenger. Due to her little size, the majority of her challengers would be taller than her. For that reason, Jorge purposed to impart in Leylah that the challenger’s size didn’t matter.

He reached pitting Leylah versus among his six-foot-four good friends. Jorge’s training approaches taught Leylah to concentrate on the ball instead of the challenger. She talked with Tennis Majors about the worth of her dad’s extreme training:

” I am extremely dedicated. There is obvious to playing tennis, you require to strive every day. I am pleased my moms and dads have actually taught me the worth of striving from a really young age; that it does not matter what I did the other day, due to the fact that today is a brand-new day and a brand-new chance to do much better.”

Jorge permits Leylah to make her choices and is gradually removing himself from her

Leylah Annie Fernandez

Jorge was and still is Leylah’s coach, however he leaves the vital decision-making to her. If she wished to give up tennis, Jorge would have supported her choice. ” Tennis is not the only thing in life that’s going to make you delighted however, for me, I simply kept enhancing, kept my head down and kept working,” she stated.

Fernandez constructed Leylah’s strength and psychological perseverance however acknowledged that there were training elements beyond his competence. To mold Annie into a total tennis champ, Jorge worked with expert tennis coaches. Coach Romain Deridder talked with CBC about his cooperation with Jorge:

” Jorge and I have an actually excellent relationship on and off the court. I believe we match each other well. Undoubtedly, he has actually been on court with her his entire life so when we began I wished to gain from him as much as possible and I still do, so I can suit the group and comprehend what I can bring and how to approach Leylah.”

Following Leylah’s exceptional increase to professional, Jorge has actually ended up being more of a consultant than a coach. Leylah informed CBC that Jorge uses recommendations and provides her area to make independent options:

” I have my viewpoints, my choices, he desires me to be independent so he teaches me all this things however leaves the choices to me to open, be a strong, independent female and deal with my choices, whether it’s a bad one and handling the repercussions.”

Jorge stays as Leylah’s coach, however he’s been removing himself from her expertly to permit tennis coaches to work their magic. He acknowledges that Leylah’s video game has huge capacity for enhancement, and he may not be the very best individual to assist her through her advancement. Leylah stated:

” He sees weak point as a chance to enhance and become your biggest weapon. He will constantly confess his faults, he will constantly state, ‘I’m bad at this however I can bring somebody to coach you and teach you at the exact same time so when the time comes and we require to go to a various course … He will still understand what to inform me, what to teach me, and we’ll keep interacting.”

Leylah’s mom and sibling supply the ideal tonic to Jorge’s abrasive design

Leylah Annie Fernandez Family

Irene and Bianca obtain themselves for Leylah whenever she takes a break from tennis. Bianca is likewise an approaching tennis gamer under Jorge’s tutelage.

The set just recently moved into different spaces, however Leylah routinely awaits Bianca’s space. The set’s older sibling Jodeci resides in Vermont and prevents the spotlight. On International Women’s day in 2021, Leylah devoted the following message to her mom and siblings:

” I needed to take a minute to commemorate the 3 ladies who have actually made the greatest effect on my life, my unbelievable siblings @biancajolietennis & & Jodeci, and my fantastic mami! My taking a trip schedule does not constantly make it simple for us to be together however they are constantly in my [heart] no matter where I am! I enjoy you ladies !!”

Leylah likewise has a great deal of enjoyable with Jorge beyond tennis. The set have motion picture nights and periodically get hamburgers together. She talked with CBC about her dad’s unwinded mindset outside the court:

” He in fact lets me consume what I desire, which is quite cool that he’s not too stringent outside the court. The only thing he’s stringent about is my education, like ever moms and dad is, aside from that he simply states balance your life, you have time to unwind and hang out however when it’s time to work, you work. That’s all he desires for me, and to be independent.”

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