How to Deal With A Boss That’s Not So Nice – The Daily Quirk

How to Deal With A Boss That’s Not So Nice – The Daily Quirk

(Image Credit: Marylam)

(Image Credit: Marylam)

Sometimes you get lucky and find a really good job – work that doesn’t feel like work, good pay, enjoyable coworkers, and a super nice boss. Other times….you don’t. Not every place of employment has a happy head honcho. But what can you do? I mean, besides quit.

Well, while you might not be able to make your supervisor’s heart grow two sizes too big, there are some ways to at least make his Grinchiness just a little more tolerable.

Don’t Take it Personally

You’re never going to make it if you think every bit of negativity from your boss is a personal attack on you. I mean, sure, maybe he does hate you. But you don’t know that for sure. So next time you get yelled at for not refilling the stapler, even though you weren’t the one who used up all the staples, don’t take it to heart. Just think, “He’s probably just having a bad day. Just like he was yesterday….and every other day I’ve ever worked here…”

Have a Positive Attitude

What can overcome all the negativity radiating from the man (or woman) in charge? Try some positivity instead. Be the light in the darkness for your coworkers, and keep a smile on that face. Even if you don’t cheer up your boss, your continual perkiness might at least get on his nerves a little bit.

Be an Overachiever

Go above and beyond the call of duty. If your boss is always on your case and making you feel inadequate, he’ll be in for a surprise when he sees you’ve answered all the phone calls, restocked everything, organized the office supplies, and watered the plant on his desk. He won’t have anything left to yell about. And maybe efficiency is just the thing to turn your boss’s frown upside-down.

Learn from Coworkers

Talk to the people you work with. Particularly the ones that have been there longer than you. Maybe they have some insight as to why your boss is so mean. Or maybe they can give you some tips to deal with the grouch. If nothing else, they at least will understand the pain you’re going through. And co-sufferers are always nice to have.

Find a Way to Get out Your Frustration

Whether it’s writing about your distress in a journal, venting to your best friend on the phone, or throwing darts at a picture of your nasty boss taped to your dartboard, you need to find an outlet for all that pent up frustration. Just don’t complain about your supervisor publicly – Facebook, Twitter, a Billboard on your route to work – because that always comes back to bite you. Somehow your boss will find out about it, and next thing you know, you’re out of work. So keep that in mind when you’re looking to release your irritation.

Focus on other Aspects of the Job

So your boss is a jerk. There’s got to be something else about the job you like. Maybe one of your coworkers has become your best friend, maybe there are always muffins in the break room, maybe you make good money in tips, or maybe the little old lady that shops there every week always gives you a piece of candy. Focus on the good things.

Don’t Worry About it When You’re Not at Work

When you clock out for the day, leave the negativity at work. Your boss isn’t coming home with you (I mean, unless you’re his spouse or offspring or something), so why should his meanness? Don’t let him ruin the rest of your day by dwelling on the rude thing he said to you that morning. Your life is about more than your job, and it’s definitely about more than your boss. So don’t spend all your time worrying about him.

Sometimes life hands us lemons, and sometimes those lemons come in the form of a really mean boss. If you’re in that position, I’m really sorry about your misfortune. But if you keep a positive attitude, work hard, and refrain from excessive fretting, you’ll get through it. So go to work, greet your boss with a hearty “hello,” and take whatever he dishes out. You’ve got this.

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