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Cover up sunburns (Image credit: Nieto Angel)

Cover up sunburns (Image credit: Nieto Angel)

You just made the biggest blunder of the summer…. you burned yourself. You’ve overestimated your ability to “sunbathe” so instead of sunbathing you look like you’re getting the sun.

Now what? Unfortunately, we don’t have any cream or magic formula to make sunburns go away, so we were going to have to go the old fashioned way on this one. Lucky for you, there are some quick makeup fixes that can save your life when it comes to sunburn treatment and coverage.

Above all, hydrate yourself. This will help calm your skin and prevent it from peeling. No one wants to see their skin take off their clothes. Make sure your face is burnt to get moisturizer especially for your face. When your face peels and cracks it’s a billion times harder to cover, and makeup tends to make it worse, so take care of that in the beginning. Apply moisturizer everywhere and often. You can’t go wrong with this.

The key to covering up a sunburn, however opposite it may sound, is minimal makeup. Your skin is very vulnerable now that you’ve burned it, so you’ll want to avoid further damage and irritation. But a little makeup can do a lot of good. I hate to pop your bubble, and I’ll use this as a warning: there’s really no way to do it without a little pain; I am human not a genius.

You’ll want to start with a liquid foundation once your skin is clean and prepared. Try to make sure that you don’t have to do a lot of mixing when applying your makeup. Using a flat brush or makeup sponge will help relieve the pain of application. But take it easy with the amount; you don’t want to look like a pancake face and a lot will only irritate your skin more. Just apply a small dab on your Rudolf nose, cheeks, forehead and chin and blend lightly. You can stick to your usual foundation color; you won’t need to go lighter or darker in this case.

Powder foundation will work great over liquid foundation, or even on its own if that’s what you prefer. The powders will not irritate your skin and they will apply lightly. They continue to mask the redness of your skin by creating natural coverage.

Bronzer will be your best friend when you get a bad sunburn. You want one that isn’t too different from your normal skin tone, but stays away from any color or shade. A bronzer on your arms and chest will also help hide some unsightly burns.

I never leave the house without a little blush, so if you’re like me, resist the urge to apply blush at all costs; this time it’s just not going to work. It should be obvious – you don’t need anything else to make your skin redder, unless it’s if you have the dreaded sunglasses that burn. When you look like a raccoon even after foundation, applying powder and bronzer and putting some blush around your eyes to even out your color isn’t a bad idea. It might sound like a really weird concept, but it will work to hide the difference.

And don’t forget the gloss! A golden, paler colored shade will help distract from your sunburn and reduce color contrast. Make sure you are not wearing lip gloss or stick that is red or vibrant in color. It will make you look more like a strange jungle disease than a distraction.

When it comes to clothing, you might want to reconsider this tight dress or pants option and go for a flowing beachy look instead! Avoid all pinks, reds and oranges. Black, olive green, brown, and understated prints are all good options. Light pastels, minus pink, are also a good option.

Since you have completely embarrassed yourself, let’s now learn a valuable lesson… USE THE RELIGIOUS SUNSCREEN. You can’t complain that they’re too oily and slimy or cause acne because there are so many new and improved sunscreens out there. L’Oreal, Neutrogena and Aveeno make protective sunscreens that are lightweight and barely noticeable on your skin.

There are also moisturizers now that contain SPF which can be your backup when you forget. Daily use of a moisturizer with SPF will not only keep your skin from looking like a leather bag in 15 years, but it has been proven to help prevent precancerous conditions and help the body fight the damage you cause. have probably already accumulated.

Sunburn doesn’t have to ruin your vacation or evening. While there are no quick fixes or cures, just take care of your skin and learn to love that cold shower.

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