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Running in the Bottom (Image credit: Gemma Maree)

There isn’t a living woman who hasn’t managed to run with her only pair of stockings on her way out the door of an important event. It’s like the universe loves to see you squirm. He knows you only have one pair, no time to buy another one, and how inappropriate it would be to go without and he sits and laughs while you have a proportion collapse epic. Unfortunately, I don’t have any wisdom to share on how to prevent this from happening completely or any magical concoction to make your stockings look like new once a problem starts. What I can do is tell you as soon as you have a problem try not to stretch the area it is in and find your way to clear polish as quickly as possible. Dab a bit of clear polish along the way and the area around it will keep it from spreading further. This will not make it look like new, but it will prevent the damage from becoming more and more noticeable. I recommend always having a bottle of inexpensive clear polish in your purse when you go to wear stockings to an event for this exact reason.

I also recommend carrying a drying sheet in your purse whenever you wear stockings. With stockings often comes the dreaded static cleaning. There’s nothing worse than having your skirt plastered halfway up with static electricity, especially if you’re not the first to notice the problem. Rubbing a dryer sheet inside your skirt and on your shod legs will keep the grip at bay. It will work on just about any garment and won’t damage your clothes (as opposed to another quick static fix, harispray, which can stain your fabric and make you feel sticky).

Slippery shoes (Image credit: Ann Larie Valentine)

Has a zipper ever stuck? I know I’ve gotten trapped in a zip-up hoodie on more than one occasion and once almost got out of a tight dress when the side zipper snagged. Fortunately, one of the roommates knew that bar soap is the best quick fix in this kind of situation, and my pretty dress was spared. Rubbing a bar of soap (not liquid!) On the zipper teeth should get it back in motion in no time as long as there is nothing stuck in the zipper.

I’m a pretty goofy person in my own right. When I put on a new pair of heels all bets are off. I don’t know what the soles of the new shoes are that make them so slippery because a lot of surfaces are flat and I don’t slip or slip when I step on them, but there is an easy way to do it. fix so I probably shouldn’t be complaining so much. All you need to do is take some medium grit sandpaper and rub the sole of your new shoes a bit. Rubbing the bottom of your shoes will give you traction that prevents slipping.

While we’re on the subject of sandpaper, did you know that you can also use it to remove pills (that pesky stuff) from your old sweaters? For this solution you need fine grit sandpaper and a gentle hand. Wipe the sandpaper off the surface of the sweater, working in one direction and doing your best to be gentle. The pills should be swept away, leaving your sweater like new!

Got no sandpaper but a lot of pills on a sweater you want to wear? You can also use the same method with a pumice stone. Again, remember to be gentle and only work one way. The pills should rub straight from the sweater and onto the stone!

Tangled Jewelry (Image credit: Lisa Norwood)

There are a lot of things that I spend way too much to organize, but strangely, my jewelry is not one of them. I tend to throw necklaces in my jewelry box without thinking about the tangled mess I create until I rush to get something and end up lifting all the contents of the box into one. ball. Knowing that this is my mo, I keep a bottle of baby oil in the house and some straight pins in my sewing kit. Apply a few drops of baby oil to the knots of your necklaces to loosen them. If the knots are particularly tight, use a straight pin to release them. Your necklace will quickly be ready to wear and tie another day.

I’m going to come out right now to say it, those deodorants that say they won’t leave a mark are big liars. Yes, they’re better than a regular pasty white deodorant, but put on your black top too quickly and you’ll still have marks. Don’t try to use a paper towel to clean up the mess, as you’ll end up with shredded paper to worry about cleaning up in addition to the deodorant. Instead, grab a baby wipe and easily wipe off your deodorant issues.

One last quick fix for you before the end of this article. Dental floss is not only good for your oral hygiene, but also a great floss substitute when you have a fallen button or broken strap and no thread in sight. The waxed dental floss will hold things together for the night, don’t forget to remove it before washing the garment!

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