Tips for Rocking a Non-Traditional Hair Color – The Daily Quirk

Tips for Rocking a Non-Traditional Hair Color – The Daily Quirk

(Image Credit: Hillary Boles)

(Image Credit: Hillary Boles)

Outrageous hair color is no longer only for the punk kids making a statement or the artist that nobody understands. Bright, non-traditional hair colors have been pouring into the mainstream steadily over the past few years. It is still a bit risky and intriguing to try out pink or blue hair, but it is definitely more acceptable now than it has ever been. If you’re thinking about taking the color plunge, whether with streaks or all over color, we have five tips below to help your color stay brighter longer.

Lighten dark hair

If your hair is dark, either naturally or dyed, before you go an intense color you will need to lighten it. Bright, non-natural colors will not show up well if put on top of dark hair. Try dying hair a light blonde or bleach it if it is not terribly damaged already. This will allow the color to saturate better and show up much more vividly.

Wash hair as little as possible

This may be hard for those of you who love a fresh wash and blow out, but it will truly save your color. Washing hair will fade hair each and every wash, so trying to extend time between washes is a very good idea. Try using dry shampoo between washes or hairstyles that work well with unwashed hair, such as braids or curls.

Rinse with cold water

Painful as this might be for anyone who is an I’m-almost-scorching-my-skin shower lover, rinsing with cold water will help seal in your color instead of deposit it down the drain. Cold water helps close the cuticle, while hot water opens it and allows color to literally wash away. Even water that is lukewarm will be better than your normal hot water.

Use color-protecting products

To maintain bright, colorful locks you need to utilize color-protection all of the time. This means looking for products in all areas of your hair care, not just shampoo and conditioner. Today it is easy to find anything, from hairspray to shine spray, developed for colored hair.

Protect your hair from the sun

The sun is a major zapper of colored hair. Just like the sun will bleach a blonde, the sun can take your hair from bright to pastel with too much exposure. Minimize fading by using a UVA/UVB protecting spray before you go out in the sun and try wearing a hat if out for long periods of time.

Bright, bold hair color is fun and trendy, but without taking care of it your hair will fade into drab, odd colored locks. With the tips and tricks above, you can keep your hair in the color spectrum you began with. Whether wanting green, blue or any other color in between, you can have striking, bright hair that lasts beyond the day after you dye.


Originally posted March 1, 2014

Image courtesy of Hillary Boles

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