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GIRL CODE (Image credit: MTV)

GIRL CODE (Image credit: MTV)

Code Girl is View on steroids. Good steroids. The kind you need to cleanse your sinuses during allergy season. Code Girl, like Abutirol, helps us see the world around us clearly… with an estrogen-centric perspective, of course. The definition of the “daughter code” according to Urban dictionary is: “The code of guidelines that girls obey the most so as not to be kicked out of the community.” “

The show is from MTV Guy code, a reality show that focuses on the rules of being a man in terms of relationships with women, weight, work and life in general. In my humble and feminine opinion, Code Girl surpasses all that Guy code never had to offer.

While there are sometimes misconceptions about the “girl’s code” slipped in for comedic purposes, most of the series accurately reflects what it is like to be a young woman at this point in the story. Not all aspects of the show are necessarily wise … but they are certainly useful and relevant.

No time to attend the show? Its good. We’ve rounded up the 10 best lessons that Code Girl has to offer, thanks to their witty cast and outspokenness.

Choose your drink wisely.

Know the consequences in terms of alcohol. According to Code Girl, wine is great for getting you drunk, while tequila is great for leaving you “drunk and pregnant.” Pick your poison, ladies.

Embrace your delicate phase.

Caterpillars can hide their transformations in a hidden cocoon. Ours are exposed in directories and old Myspace photos. Girl code? Don’t erase it from history. They say, “If you weren’t ugly in college, I almost don’t trust you.

No one cares about your diet.

But really. If the people around you appreciate their food, don’t put them down! When your roommates order a large pizza and a six pack, the girl code says “Shut up, eat your lettuce and be sad.”

Men are like bras …

Or at least they should be. Everything (or anyone) that holds us should be “fun and supportive”. The absence of these features, whether in your man or your bra, will leave you deeply disappointed.

Get it wrong thin.

If exercise is out of the question for your weight loss plan, you can take a page from Jared in Subway’s book and show the general public how huge your pants are. The girl code encourages people to buy jeans that are 10 sizes too big and to photograph themselves tucked into a pant leg. This way the world can see how small you are compared to very large clothes.

Prepare adequately for your blind date.

If your search history isn’t showing anything on Facebook that tracks your blind date, you have a few issues to resolve. Code Girl gives you permission to perform a full background check: “Google him until your fingers bleed.”

Don’t put mascara in front of an attractive boy.

Have you ever noticed the face you make when you apply mascara? It looks a bit like Scream masks you see around Halloween, if you catch my drift. The main point to remember is to be aware of your appearance when taking care of your eyelashes. It’s just a girl code.

Hair removal is an art.

If the hair on your epilator is out of whack, move to another salon immediately. If she allows herself to appear in public as a crazy hairy, she is wrong. And she won’t care how you look when you walk out of her house, either.

Know the enemy… and if it should upgrade to “enemy” level.

Can you really hate someone so much that their beautiful swimming pool or their sexy brother is losing value? You might think it’s wrong to use people, but you don’t like this chick anyway, do you? Girl code rules allow you to take advantage of people for their connections that directly benefit you. Alleluia.

Mean girls are a must.

The best way to face a mean girl is to remember all that you have that she misses. She’s not perfect … after all, she is mean! (And Code Girl declares that Beyoncé is, indeed, the only perfect human being that exists.) The bad girl may not be flawed on the outside, but her innards are disgusting like anything … and ‘he doesn’t. there is no plastic surgery for the soul ”.

Want more fabulous females from Code Girl? Well… their first season just ended. But filming for Season 2 is underway, so check back with MTV for the latest updates.

Until then… it’s #GirlCode.

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