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In the midst of a financial crisis and a very tight job market, cutbacks and lifestyle changes are happening everywhere. To save money, people ditched cable subscriptions and embraced Netflix, switched from regular mobile carriers to prepaid phones, swapped their SUVs for smaller, fuel-efficient cars, and finally said. goodbye to their extravagant two week vacation. . And so, the staycation was born.

We have paid time off, but we don’t think we have enough money to leave our house. So what do we do? Sit in our beds, eat Cheetos and watch ten seasons of how I Met Your Mother? Sometimes a stay can be the answer, but only if you know how to do it right. However, just because we are going through bad financial times doesn’t mean we can’t afford a full vacation either. Here are some pros and cons of a stay versus a vacation so you can decide for yourself: what wins?



  1. It is a saving of money. When you don’t worry about flights, hotel rooms, or dining out almost every night, it can dramatically reduce your spending in your free time.
  2. You can achieve ultimate relaxation. While the holidays are exciting and provide you with a much needed change of scenery, they are often a bit stressful at the beginning and at the end. Packing your bags, getting to your vacation hideaway, and dealing with the almost inevitable mishaps along the way are stresses that you don’t look for in your free time. However, during a stay, allow yourself to completely relax. Don’t start fixing a dripping faucet or doing laundry loads. Do whatever you can’t do while working!
  3. You know the area. You can’t get lost or track your GPS in the middle of nowhere. You know the region around you. Often, because we live in a certain area, we don’t take the time or even think about doing the real “touristy” things around us. They are touristy for a reason! Pick a few things you’ve always heard about or wanted to do, and do them!

The inconvenients:

  1. It is undeniable that we all (at least a little) want a change of scenery during the holidays. We want to completely escape the norm! A staycation offers limited options on how to do this, but don’t worry, it can still be done if you treat your staycation as if you were somewhere else.
  2. There is always the possibility of running into someone you know. On vacation we tend to like the idea that we can do anything and get a little bit crazy and not really have to worry about it because we don’t know anyone. Well, while staying, your options for that are limited. But there is nothing more exciting than being a little wild and not caring what people think, eh?
  3. It will be difficult to be surrounded by the household chores that you wanted to do and to ignore them. But believe me, there will be a time to do it! Your vacation is not one of them. Take this time to relax and leave all of that work for another time.

The best way to conquer a vacation is not to hang out in your pajamas all day, but to get out there and explore the parts of your town or a nearby area that you haven’t yet seen. Put aside household chores and laziness and have fun! Also savor the fact that you are not spending $ 1,000 a day on your vacation.



  1. Uh, hello, is it vacation? Getting out of town, sitting on a sandy beach somewhere or running around the city streets is exhilarating. A change of scenery and a little R&R is good for the soul.
  2. You have so many choices. While staying, your adventure options are, unfortunately, a bit limited. When choosing your vacation, you can go anywhere. A cruise in the Bahamas? Thailand? Paris? A beach house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina? The choice is yours, and while you search, you can find destinations for future vacations. Keep them in your favorites and come back for next year!

The inconvenients:

  1. It can get expensive. However, the way to tackle this is to cut down. Instead of taking off for two weeks, give yourself five days or a week. This will significantly reduce your expenses. You can also look for a place to stay with a kitchen and go to the grocery store while you’re there. Cook a few nights and make your evenings extra special.
  2. With every vacation, it seems inevitable that something will go wrong. Someone jumps into the pool with their phone, their camera is stolen on the beach, brilliantly sunburned… the list goes on. Don’t let the misadventures of the old vacations hold you back! Get a waterproof case for your phone, make sure someone is always seated with your things while you go in the water, and learn to take precautions while on vacation.

The best way to spend a vacation is to cut back on days gone by, educating yourself on how to protect yourself and your belongings and your budget, your budget, your budget. Holidays are always doable if you plan every step of the way to avoid financial snags!

So what do you think, readers? Does the staycation or the vacation win? Let us know in the comments below!

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